8k Course Information

The Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic 8k features an out and back course on beautiful Bayshore Boulevard, finishing on Bayshore Boulevard at the foot of the Platt Street Bridge.


Bayshore Blvd. & Verne St.

  • Head South on Bayshore Blvd. to W. Stovall St.
  • Turn around at Stovall St. (first cut in median past Bay to Bay Blvd.)
  • Head North on Bayshore Blvd. to Finish Line.

Finish: Tarpon Dock, Bayshore Blvd. (between Beach Place & Hyde Park Place)

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 Publix Gasparilla 8k will start promptly at 9:15am.  Once the Start Area is cleared at approximately 9:25am, the Start will be closed.  Once the Start is officially closed, the timing mats will be pulled and runners/walkers arriving late will not be allowed on course. Runners and walkers participating in the 2020 Michelob Ultra Challenge must complete the Publix Gasparilla Half Marathon under 2:55 and allow enough time to make it to the official Start Line of the Publix Gasparilla 8K.

Back in 2020!

Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water Half-Way There 

Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water will greet runners and walkers with a Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water Half-Way There Celebration at the Publix Gasparilla 8K Half-Way Point!

Course Records 8k

Overall Male: 23:30,  Bobby Curtis, 2013    •    Overall Female: 30:00, Holly Ochs, 2012

Course Clocks & Mile Markers

Digital time clocks and mile markers will be positioned along the 8K course at every mile.

Aid Stations

There will be one Start and Finish Aid Station and 6-Course Aid Stations set one mile apart beginning at the two-mile mark of the 8K. Aid Stations will supply Zephyrhills Spring Water, that since 1978, has been the Official Bottled Water of the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend Events.  Gatorade Endurance Formula (Lemon-Lime Flavor), that also since 1978, has been the Official Sports Drink Hydration Partner of the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend Events, will be distributed at mile 3.

Finish Line

Rooms To Go Volunteers will greet you at the Finish Line and will provide you with Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water and Gatorade Endurance Formula (Lemon-Lime) that since 1978, have been the Official Bottled Water and Official Sports Hydration Drink of the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend.

Finish Line Hydration: Grounded in years of hydration and sports nutrition research at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, the Gatorade Endurance line of products helps deliver fluids and nutrients endurance athletes need for training or racing.

Gatorade Endurance Formula Gatorade Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink designed to help maintain hydration during prolonged training and racing when fluid and electrolyte losses can be significant.  It contains nearly two times the sodium (200mg) and more than three times the potassium (90mg) of Gatorade Thirst Quencher to help maintain hydration and proper fluid balance and help replace the critical electrolytes lost in sweat during these occasions.

Finish Line Hydration: Zephyrhills® Brand Natural Spring Water comes from five carefully selected Florida spring sources. Whether Zephyrhills is monitoring, sharing or teaching others about it — their main focus is still the fresh-tasting spring water of Florida.

Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water If you’re from Florida like us, you know water. But we’re not just talking about splashing around on the shore and building sand castles. We’re talking about the importance of consuming fresh-tasting refreshing water to maintain proper hydration during sporting events. We also know that Florida’s fresh-tasting, refreshing spring water naturally comes from the earth. So when we source Zephyrhills® Brand Natural Spring Water for your hydration needs, we know that the naturally occurring minerals provide the waters’ great taste — just like nature intended.

Medical Support

In the Finish Line Area, Tampa General Hospital will provide a fully equipped Medical Facility staffed with a team of Tampa General Hospital Emergency Room Medical Professionals. Only participants requiring medical assistance will be allowed access to the TGH Medical Facility. Medical Staff will be ready to assist you at all times. Tampa Fire Rescue Paramedics will be stationed along the 8K course and will be roving on motorized bicycles and golf carts. The Medical Staff will have the right to withdraw any runners or walkers from the race who appear in distress or at risk should they continue running.


For the safety and enjoyment of all event participants, the course(s) are restricted to registered runners and walkers and official race personnel ONLY. No dogs, no strollers, no baby joggers, no bikes, no in-line skates, no roller skates and no wheeled vehicles will be allowed on-course.Violators will be disqualified and removed from the course by a Race Official. For the safety of all, in accordance with RRCA Guidelines (Road Runners Clubs of America) the use of headphones is discouraged.