Arrrgh You Up For A Two-Day Challenge?

Registration Is Open!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the Michelob Ultra Challenge, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Challenge, the new Bud Light Seltzer Challenge, or the Stella Solstice Challenge (formerly the Bud Light Orange Challenge) that are part of the 2021 Publix Gasparilla Distance Race Weekend. If you are up for the challenge, test your endurance, and run more than 30 miles or enjoy a shorter run of 8.07 miles. All Challenge runs occur over two days – Sat. May 8 & Sun, May 9.

The Challenge graphics are in the process of being updated to reflect the return of our Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Parrot!  Stay tuned for their new look!

Test your endurance
and participate in the
Michelob Ultra Challenge 30+ miles over two days!

Bud Light Seltzer Challenge
8.07 miles over two days!


Stella Solstice Challenge
14.2 miles over two- days!

One of our most popular Challenges, the Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Challenge includes the 15K & Half Marathon – 22.4 miles over two days!